Perugina Chocolate House tour with tasting from Perugia

Perugia -

Book this Perugina Chocolate House tour from Perugia. Taste fine chocolate and enjoy the rich collection of the famous chocolate factory. Don't miss a visit to Perugina's Chocolate House, a magic place located inside the renowned Perugina chocolate factory.Taste fine chocolate and enjoy the rich collection of pictures, labels, posters, gift boxes and special old machines used to produce chocolate and Perugina's most famous creation: the Bacio. For chocolate lovers, this is the perfect tour to find out how chocolate is produced and taste one of the most well-known chocolates in the world!Begin from the Historical Museum, where you'll discover and be enchanted by the history of Perugina. The Museum collects images, curiosities, rarities, anecdotes, packages and videos of a sweet century of Italian entrepreneurial history. A century to be "savored" in a delicious guided tour, from the raw material to the processing techniques, from the origins of cocoa to the sweet secrets of chocolate masterpieces.Then continue to the Fabbrica, the laboratory where the delicious creations born, and to the Chocolate School, where Perugina shares its usual passion and creative art with all chocolate lovers.Do not miss the Gift Shop with Perugina Chocolate House proposals and personalized packaging as a sweet memory, where you will also find all the best of Perugina chocolate.

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  • Il tour è previsto per gruppi da 2 a 8 persone
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