Rome private luxury rooftop tour with champagne and picknick basket

Roma -

Do you have a head for heights? If the answer is YES this luxury rooftop tour is tailormade for you!Anyone who wants to see the city from a different angle is more than welcomed to hop on our Mercedes Benz and let the adventure start!Following your insider host you will discover four unforgettable rooftops where you will enjoy the trip’s included drinks. Please don't forget to get your cameras ready, because ONLY YOU will get a chance to see the frontal view of the Trevi Fountain from the hidden terrace!The final stop is at brand new five star hotel and it's a great way to hang out in a luxury atmosphere while enjoying incredible Roman skyline views.What is included:
- transportation between the venues in a luxury car
- a bottle of prosecco every 3 people
- picnic basket with charcuterie
- 1 drink per person and snacks at the Trevi rooftop
- 1 drink per person and snacks at the 5 star hotel

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Cosa è incluso:
  • trasporto tra i luoghi in un'auto di lusso
  • una bottiglia di prosecco ogni 3 persone
  • cestino da picnic con salumi
  • 1 drink a persona e snack sul tetto di Trevi
  • 1 drink a persona e snack in hotel a 5 stelle
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