Naples: Vesuvian Delights (EN)

Napoli -

Unforgettably delicious and a great experience!
Living under the shadow of the volcano can’t fail to leave its mark on the people - and their cuisine. The pizza known throughout the world was invented in Naples. "Espresso Sospeso" is a tradition here, and only here. And you can enjoy volcanic wines with flamboyant names such as Lacryma Christi - the tears of Our Lord. The food is as individual as the Napolitanians themselves, so it’s well worth getting to know both of them better.
Your Food Hopping event is like a multi-course meal, where you experience a new location and taste a different food or drink specialty with each course - discover the essence of Napolitanian taste and enjoy unique extras like an extraordinary photo stop!Some highlights of your Food Hopping Food Tour Naples:
- After enjoying a sparkling Prosecco in the café of the Teatro di San Carlo, there is an exclusive photo stop: You find out the story behind the 184 mirrors in the boxes of one of the most breathtaking opera halls in the world.
- Bobo greets you at his kiosk, built in 1836, with a unique speciality, which is not just a taste explosion: watch him lovingly prepare his famous lemonade with just a dash of soda and - hey presto – you have a bubbling, fizzing refreshment like a volcano erupting. Make sure you have your camera at the ready!
- You will leave your next stop as a happy customer - it rains salt! As Neapolitan legend has it, this is a sure-fire way to banish bad luck. You’re also in luck with the freshly-fried delicacies served, such as courgette flowers and other tasty treats.
- This Osteria is a hidden gem. Bruno, the waiter, has been working here for over 40 years and has many tales to tell about some of its often-famous guests. Luis Armstrong, Sophia Loren and Luciano Pavarotti have all enjoyed the typical Neapolitan pasta dish ziti here, which you will also savour with a glass of wine.
- At other stops, you discover why the Neapolitan pizza is so thin, enjoy a frittata di spaghetti - the Neapolitan answer to the sandwich, take an espresso in the "coffee-temple" that Oscar Wilde and Angela Merkel already paid homage to, and much, much more…

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Piccolo gruppo - 12 ospiti max
Il tour inizia nell'area dell'Opera di Napoli - l'esatto punto d'incontro è specificato nella conferma della prenotazione
I bambini sono i benvenuti: accompagnati da un adulto, i bambini da 0 a 6 anni sono gratuiti, senza cibo o bevande; dai 07-17 anni c'è un prezzo ridotto, le bevande alcoliche sono sostituite da bevande analcoliche
Si prega di indicare nel modulo di prenotazione e di far sapere alla guida Food Hopping se si hanno allergie o restrizioni alimentari
Le località del tuo tour Food Hopping sono soggette a modifiche
Durante tutti i tour Food Hopping, stai camminando su un terreno abbastanza piatto a velocità rilassata. Raccomandiamo di indossare scarpe comode, poiché sei in piedi circa la metà delle volte.
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