FICO Food Park full day experience from Florence

Firenze -

Experience a full-immersion day trip into the world of Italian high-quality food, just one hour away from Florence. In just 1 hour from Florence, you will be inside the FICO FOOD PARK in the easiest and fastest way! You will depart from Florence city center, Santa Maria Novella Train Station by a high-speed train to Bologna Centrale; then, with a short ride by FICO BUS shuttle, you'll enter into this tasty, fantastic and seductive world! Once inside the Park, a great experience waits for you: a guided tour of the park - duration 1 hour - starting at 11:00am. Enjoy the incredible FICO Eataly World: a friendly and specialized guide will lead you into the world of Italian food and cooking. You will discover the production chain of our high-quality food, visiting the vegetable gardens and the breedings, up to the factories where you will meet real artisans, producers of irresistible delicacies. After the guided tour, you'll have the chance to spend some free time discovering the park yourself and it will be impossible to resist to so many temptations! Let yourself be captivated by flavors and fragrances and led by curiosity inside markets, kiosks, restaurants and shops: discover Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Prosecco, Parmigiano, Mortadella, Pesto, Tortellini, Gelato… and all other food produced with Italian passion and creativity! Inside the park, you can decide to walk or ride a bike! In the afternoon, you will take the shuttle bus from the Park to Bologna train station in time for the train departure to Florence.

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