Food and wine tour of the Jewish Ghetto and Campo de’ Fiori in Rome

Roma -

Walk around Rome's most picturesque neighborhoods at sundown and discover the best spots to eat in town. Take a walk with through Rome’s most beautiful piazzas at sundown while you discover the best spots to eat in town. With an expert foodie as your tour guide, you’ll sample plenty of Italy’s delicacies while you enjoy the beautiful streets of Rome at dusk, away from crowds and the traffic. By joining the tour you'll get to taste in a fun and unique way many different types of Italian food in one single night, with some sightseeing along the way; in between the food stops. In the course of the evening, You'll hear from your guide some of the history and fun facts of the neighborhoods you're walking through Campo de Fiori, the Jewish Ghetto and many more.Whether you’re an intrepid novice or a serious Italian food enthusiast, you'll enjoy this in-depth but informal food adventure that takes you around Rome to celebrate its cuisine and the story behind it.

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