Day Trip from Rome to Pompeii and Sorrento

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Discover the fascinating history of the once prosperous Roman city of Pompeii and enjoy the scenic views of Sorrento. Meet your driver at a convenient meeting point in the heart of Rome. Once seated comfortably, you'll depart for Pompeii, the once prosperous Roman city which met its fate in 79 AD, when Mt. Vesuvius erupted and the entire surrounding area and population were engulfed with lava and covered in ash.Once in Pompeii, you'll meet your expert archaeologist guide and you'll be given a VR visor; it will place you inside the ancient city before the devastating volcanic eruption, giving you the chance to travel back and forth between past and present. Once you've experienced virtual Pompeii as it was in ancient times, you'll get to explore Pompeii as it looks today.What you will see now is moments of terror frozen in time: millennial-old postures and gestures, and ruins that have remained unchanged through the years. Your guide will walk you down the long and ancient streets, long the perfectly conserved bakeries, shops, stalls, private and communal residences, public baths and brothels remains. You'll see the casts of the unfortunate Pompeiians who were immortalized on that tragic day.Once the guided tour of Pompeii is over, you'll make your way to Sorrento, an exceptionally beautiful seaside town known as "the Gateway to the Amalfi Coast". Enjoy once-in-a-lifetime views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and picture perfect towns nestled into steep white limestone cliffs. Along the way, you'll stop at the area's most historic pizzeria, where Giggino and his family have been baking mouthwatering pizza "by the meter" in a wood-fired oven for more than 100 years.In Sorrento you'll have some free time to stop at one of the many botteghe and sample a glass of Limoncello, a world-renowned local liquor made by artisans from the organic lemons, which can only be harvested in this region. You can also purchase a bottle or two to take home (or have it shipped) before enjoying a bite to eat and enough free time to wander around the shops and scenic overlooks.As your afternoon comes to an end, you'll join your driver once again and head back to Rome.

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