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Visit the Museum of Wine & Agro-industry and Discover the features and nuances of its territory Visit the biggest wine museum in Europe: the MUVIS - Museum of Wine & Agro-industry. Discover the features and nuances of its territory and embark into an in-depth journey into its physical and symbolic roots.Some legends date this regions' vines back to Adam’s and Eve’s times: the forbidden fruit in the earthy heaven wasn’t a mere apple but rather juicy grapes. Others state that it was Noah himself who first made wine and – deeming it a valuable drink – decided to store it on his ark during the Flood. Ever since ancient times, wine has always played a leading cultural and social role as it was considered a precious gift; it embodies man’s basic values and everlasting connection to nature; a connection you'll be able to recreate in the course of the visit, by exploring the countryside and the ex Vasselli cellars, by enjoying the beautiful landscape and savouring the local gourmet products thanks to an included tasting.

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Includes all entrance tickets: you can book everything together, Explore the countryside and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, Savour the local gourmet products with an included tasting

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Entrance fees and ticket, Snacks, Wine tasting, Transport

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Il tour richiede un minimo di 2 partecipanti per poter partire

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