Entrance and guided tour of Santa Croce Basilica in Florence

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Immerse yourself in a guided tour of Santa Croce. And don't miss the chance to admire the beauty of Donatello's crucifix, one of the jewels of Renaissance! Santa Croce, also known as the Temple of the glories of Italy, was the heart of the Franciscan order, known for its mass preaching in the square during the Middle Ages to combat heresy.We offer a 1.5-hours guided tour of the entire ensemble of Santa Croce which has served as a mausoleum for Italy’s most important artists, politicians and philosophers (it includes the tombs of Michelangelo – the sculptor of the famous David – Dante -the father of the Italian Language- and Galileo Galilei).You can delight in the detailed explanations of the official English-speaking guide. Enjoy the natural beauty of the art of Donatello and his crucifix, one of the jewels of the Renaissance, as well the art of Brunelleschi and the perfect architectural harmony of his Chapel of Fools (Pazzi family).Santa Croce contains many hidden treasures, the church bears the marks of history such as those left by the tragic flood of 1966 (it is possible to see a sign showing the level reached by the water) that damaged several paintings and destroyed the monumental cemetery which was subsequently restored and is included in this tour.A tour filled with romance, mysticism and art at its very finest.

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Find out which celebrity is buried in this basilica with your official Local Guide, Explore one of the main churches in Florence:, Enjoy the treasures of the ancient Temple of the Glories of Italy

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Official Local Guide, Entrance tickets, Audio system (for groups larger than 7 people), Small group, max 15 people per group

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