Shoe manufacturing district

Around the year 1400, the area of Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Monte Urano, San Giusto and Montegranaro saw the beginnings of what a half century later would become the Fermano-Maceratese shoe manufacturing district.

Initially, it was mostly an aggregate of workshops of shoemakers and craftsmen, whose love for this manufacturing activity is abundantly demonstrated by the large production of Chiochiere, a simple slipper much used in past centuries.

Between 1830 and 1900, Made in Italy footwear began to establish itself, and people preferred becoming craftsmen than working in the fields, resulting in an increase of shoe shops.

Today the district produces finely crafted shoes “100% Made in Italy“, and shoe lovers, both women and men, will be happy to know that in this area of the Marche you can buy good footwear at a good price, for example at the Santoni outlet, which has established itself as a manufacturer of classic yet captivating shoes.

You must absolutely visit the Footwear Museum, which gathers a large amount of old and new tools, along with the whole history of this tradition and of the passion of those who have been carrying it on for centuries.



  • To give you an idea of how much work there is behind an artisan shoe, just think that the stitching and assembly of a women’s shoe requires about 60 steps, while one for men requires 220.


  • Two outlets worth visiting if you want to admire true Made in Italy products are Cesare Paciotti, which mainly deals with men’s items, and Outlet Le Silla, which instead sells interesting women’s items.
  • The “Made in Italy” mark is not taken lightly in the footwear district. Conceived by Confartigianato to give the handicraft products of this area the certification they deserve, it is obtained only after careful checks that guarantee high quality.
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