Irpinia wines

There are 3 DOCG winegrowing zones in the province of Avellino, among the natural parks and old abbeys: Fiano di Avellino, a red from the hills, and Taurasi and Greco di Tufo, white wines of ancient origin whose bouquets include the aromas of hazelnut, almond and flowers.

The original Fiano vine comes from Greece. The name vitis apicia (or apina) derives from this grape’s ability to attract swarms of bees to the vineyard.

Among the woods of Terminio and the lunar landscape of Baronia, the harsh yet welcoming Irpinia region is a land that shows another face of Campania to the world, through its wines, much different from the Vesuvius and Naples postcard. Here some of the best wines from southern Italy are produced, from a clayey soil and rocks that look like the Dolomites, at an altitude ranging from 300 to 600m above sea level.

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  • Testimonies from ancient Roman times say that Fiano was so highly prized that it was poured just once during banquets.


  • Red Taurasi goes well with red meats , braised meats, poultry, game and cheeses.
  • Greco di Tufo is a prized white which, when aged, goes very well with fish, such as swordfish with citrus fruits and dried salted cod.
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