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Visit Rialto market, of the most ancient, famous and biggest fish markets of all Europe and enjoy an explanation of the history and use of fish in the Venetian traditional cuisine! Discover the Rialto market, the most ancient fish market in Venice, which opened about 1200 A.C. and one of the biggest of all Europe. Here, fishermen arrive in the early morning (about 6 am), after having spent the night fishing, and they help the Venetian select the best fresh and seasonal food.Samuele, an expert fisherman from Burano’s island, will be your guide providing an overview of Rialto’s history and local fishes. He works in this sector since he was a child and looks forward to sharing his passion with you. He will welcome you to his desk in the open-air market, just a few steps from Canal Grande. During the 20-minutes explanation, you'll discover the history and use in the local cuisine of Venetian fish and seafood like prawns, crabs, seabass, swordfish and many other (the type of fish will change according to the season). Samuele will share with you all the secrets and tips to recreate at home delicious fish recipes.
The experience also includes a discount at Samuele’s store!

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  • The activity does not operate in case of exceptional high tide (it can be postponed later or to the day after, otherwise it will be refunded)
  • The tour will be held in both English and Italian
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