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Row a traditional Venetian boat through the canals of the city and have fun while learning more about Venetian boats and ancient rowing techniques! Learn how to row a traditional Venetian boat through the canals of the city! Meet the Master at its squero (gondola laboratory), in the picturesque area of Cannaregio and begin this amazing experience.Damiano will provide a brief introduction about the world of Venetian boats and he will show you how to row following the ancient techniques. Then, get on the Venetian boat and move through the labyrinth of Venetians canals. For about 1 hour, you’ll personally move your own boat along romantic corners and under small bridges! The activity will take place in a quiet and not busy area of the city where you can row without being scared by other boats, far-away from the overcrowded touristic area.Damiano is one of the last “maestri d'ascia” (someone who preserves the art of building and crafting gondola) and every day he teaches to the gondoliers' sons how to row, preparing them to their future work! So, you will learn the art of rowing from a real expert master.

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Useful information

  • The activity does not operate in case of exceptional high tide or bad weather (it can be postponed later or to the day after, otherwise it will be refunded)
  • The tour will be held in both English and Italian
  • Only people over 18 years old can participate in this activity
  • Please wear appropriate clothes for an outdoor activity
  • The tour could be shared with guests not belonging to the same party
  • Unfortunately, this tour is not accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities
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