Private tour of the Duomo of Milan and the Archaeological Area with Fast Track Access

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Enjoy your private tour of Milan Cathedral and the Archaeology Area. Follow your guide along the way to learn about the history and curiosities of the Cathedral. The tour begins with a visit to the Archaeological Area, where you can see the remains of the Baptistery of St. John and the Basilica of Santa Tecla (fourth century.): what remains of the ancient episcopal complex, places of great charm and importance to the history of the city of Milan.The visit continues inside the Cathedral to discover the history and peculiarities of the Cathedral of Milan, where the urban changes and planimetric changes of the square in relation to the construction of the Cathedral that today gives it its name, from the foundations of Lombardy to the great international construction site.

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  • Duomo Pass A Ticket: allows access to the Cathedral, the Archaeological Area, the Terraces, the Cathedral Museum and the Church of San Gottardo. Guided tours of the Terraces, the Cathedral Museum and the Church of San Gottardo* are not included. At the end of the visit with the ticket you will have independent access to the Terraces, the Museum and the Church of San Gottardo within 72 hours of obliteration.
  • The Cathedral Museum and the Church of San Gottardo are closed on Wednesdays.
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