We Play The Music We Love ‘special Request’ Opening: Z@p

Turin -

'Special Request' is the new We Play club night The Music We Love: a journey through the music of the best DJ selectors of the moment that will bring their disc bags to Turin for the monthly appointment behind the Azimut Club console .
'As the explorer is able to discover new worlds and cultures of the past, the selektor has the task of searching for and bringing to light unknown and time-lost music, thus giving the possibility also to the rest of the community to meet forms of entertainment outside from the common and forget from history. '
Line Up:
Z @ p
[from My Own Jupiter / Uruguay]
Voodoos and Taboos
Andrea Murru
Frenk Dale
07 € Online
10 € List by 1:00
€ 15 at the door
Azimut Club
Via Modena 55
10153 Turin
Genres: House,Techno,Electro
Lines Up: Z@P,Voodoos & Taboos,Andrea Murru,Frenk Dale
Atmospheres: Underground,Urban
Door Policies: Casual dress code
Age Policies: +18

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