Guided tour of the Palmenti of Pietranico

Pescara -

Enjoy a countryside walk, discover what "palmenti" are and why they were used by locals. Finally, enjoy local products. The tour of the Palmenti di Pietranico is a circuit created for the visit of ancient tanks; these were huge outcropping rocks worked with extreme skill that were used to make wine directly in the fields. In this way peasants brought home only the must, leaving the processing waste directly in the countryside. This idea had two outcomes: peasants avoided the effort of transporting to the farms material that would not produce wine and at the same time they could fertilize the fields. The millstones are one of the best testimonials to understand the refined level reached by local artisans and the enormous size that the production of fine wines had achieved in the territory. In the Municipality of Pietranico there is the highest concentration of millstones excavated in the rock in Abruzzo. Enjoy a 2km long walk and discover many tanks on your way such as Vasca Caprera, Vasca Mattucci, Vasca Villa Odoardi, Vasca De Vito, Vasca Grandonio, Vasca Marzio. End your experience tasting local food and wine.

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  • The walk is 2km long and it has a minimum level of difficulty
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes
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