Eat like a local: food and wine tour of secret Roman streets

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Book this tour to discover Rome's traditional cuisine. Eat like a local and get to know Roman pop culture while walking through the city's secret streets. Enjoy the genuine Roman lifestyle during an experience dedicated to traditional food and wine, beauty and popular culture in Rome. Join on a journey into history and secret stories walking through the most authentic streets of the city center.Food can sweeten the soul and for this reason, the walking tour begins with a quality espresso and the delicious "Petit four" of the De Bellis pastry laboratory. The aroma of coffee and the irresistible melting of chocolate create the perfect setting to get to know your guide.After this warm-up, it’s time to get lost in the alleys of the city, in its unknown corners and small artisan shops, as well as in the stories of nobles and beggars of Rome, a city which reminds us at every step of its beauty and taste.Don't miss the opportunity to sample a fragrant, fine and crispy Roman pizza in an ancient bakery and then warm your soul with the scents of the earth, combining truffles with Tuscan and Roman wines and tasting salami and cheese from the best Italian producers. Now it’s time to cross the Tiber River and explore the Trastevere district together with your guide. Here, while chatting with the locals and sipping wine, you'll discover how Roman cuisine has evolved, transforming the poorest dishes into real gourmet delicacies such as the unmissable pockets of focaccia bread filled with meatballs or a special fried delicacy you'll discover.If pizza can be street food, pasta has its own ritual. Sit inside the modern and charming Pro loco Dol Trastevere Restaurant and devote yourself to a steaming plate of spaghetti seasoned with sauces that most represent Roman cuisine. Like life, the tour is a circular gastronomic journey: it all started with a sweet pit stop, what better way to say goodbye than with a homemade gelato from the award-winning Gelateria Otaleg?

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  • The tour is suitable for children from 5 years of age
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