Movement Torino Music Festival 2019

Turin -

The DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) has been a reference of underground electronic music for almost two decades in Detroit, the birthplace of the genre worldwide. Since its creation in 2000, it has always declared its desire for international expansion, but not with imperial eagerness, but collaborative. It was with this intention that Movement was born, settling in parallel in Torino in 2006 and thus initiating a mutually beneficial collaboration. The objectives were the construction of a community, the reciprocal relationship with sponsors and the empowerment of new artists, allowing them to share line-ups with big stars of the house and, above all, the techno spectrums.
The Turin festival will celebrate 15 years of history in 2020, but before that, in 2019, it will once again revolutionise the rave scene in the capital of Piedmont on Halloween night. On Thursday, October 31st (as always, a holiday eve in Italy and, in fact, almost all over Europe), the Lingotto Fiera will once again host 10 hours of uninterrupted electronic music with some of the most important DJs on the current scene. Among them are Amelie Lens, Dennis Cruz, Michael Bibi and the great b2b between Jamie Jones and Joseph Capriati.
Amelie Lens is one of the great sensations of the techno sector in the last 3 years. It all started when the German duo Pan-Pot bet on her productions for the Second State label. From there, she began her rapid ascent, until she created together with her partner Farrago the Exhale movement, a brand with which she is exporting her acid sound all over the world. The other stellar performance will be given by Joseph Capriati and Jamie Jones. Although Capriati established itself as an icon of the big-room techno sound, being one of the top references of the Drumcode label, in the last 5 years he has turned towards proposals that are closer to groove and tech-house. This has allowed him to approach artists like Jamie Jones, one of the biggest producers of Hot Creations and icon of the tech-house genre. His b2b is presented as a must-see at this 14th edition of the Movement Festival in Turin.
Michael Bibi's UK house, leader of the successful London party Solid Grooves, Dennis Cruz and Eddy M's tech-house, regulars of big events such as elrow, and other artists (both DJs and live performers) of the stature of Anastasia Kristensen, Anotr, DJ Bone and Pawsa complete the line-up for now. Soon, more news will come, all of them to be updated here.
Genres: Dance,House,Techno
Lines Up: Amelie Lens,Anastasia Kristensen,Anotr,Eddy M,Dj Bone,Dennis Cruz,Pawsa,Michael Bibi,Joseph Capriati,Jamie Jones
Atmospheres: Festival
Door Policies: Come as you are
Age Policies: +16

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