Ricardo Villalobos | 25th Opening Party

Milan -

Friday, 27 September 2019 | 25th Opening Party
Ricardo Villalobos
Giuliano Lomonte
Ricardo Villalobos is one of the most influential and important artists of electronic music, his productions range from tech-house to minimal-house without ever being banal. Today Ricardo Villalobos embodies everything that quality underground electronic music has been able to build over the past 20 years. His performances become a collective ritual that is consumed in the best clubs and world festivals. We would not have thought to open the season that establishes the 25 years of Magazzini Generali in a better way.
General Warehouses | 25th Anniversary
25 years have passed since Magazzini Generali opened its doors to its public for the first time. Three generations at least once have passed through here. From September to June we will try to make this season unforgettable for you and for Milan, which we love so much.
Genres: Techno,Tech house,House
Lines Up: Ricardo Villalobos,Giuliano Lomonte,Volantis
Atmospheres: Underground,International

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