Cooking experience in Rome: pizza making and beer tasting

Rome -

Learn to prepare the authentic Neapolitan pizza and taste gourmet pizzas and beers at the lively Trionfale Food Market. Take part in this pizza-making class that is far from a simple cooking session, but an immersion into the Italian pizza world and a source of creative ideas.Begin your pizza experience with a mini-tour through the lively Trionfale Food Market, during which you will taste different nuances of gourmet pizzas accompanied by a fresh Italian beer.Reach the PummaRe Restaurant, a creative lab offering an individual work station to each participant, with a wood board, apron, and a rolling pin. The bartender will welcome you with a drink and a taste of another delicious variant of pizza: the fried pizza.After this brief culinary warm-up, learn to prepare - starting from flour and water - the real Neapolitan pizza in a wood oven. The pizza will be seasoned with the best Italian products based on the individual taste emerging from a funny food questionnaire: from the classic Margherita to the special pizza with yellow tomato and ricotta cheese.Finally, sit down at our cozy restaurant or on the terrace to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Join the social table, sip wine with people from all around the world and take the opportunity to ask the chef about the secrets of Italian food and the best spots to hang out in Rome.Come back home with wonderful memories of food, wine, anecdotes and laughs.

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  • You will be guided by a passionate and patient professional private chef, no matter what your level in the kitchen is
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