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Take part into the sweetest tiramisu competition for non-professionals in Treviso! The sweetest tiramisu competition for non-professionals is here on its third edition! This year the challenge becomes even bigger and interesting. Many news and surprises are coming!Rules:
- The Tiramisù World Cup is divided into 3 qualifying rounds: the winner of every stage joins the next phase.
- There are 3 rounds: the selections, the semifinal and the final.
- During the selections, the competitors are divided into groups of at most 10 people competing in the same category (Original or Creative Recipe). Every group has a dedicated jury. The Competitor who gains the highest score joins the next stage.
- The complete regulation is available on
Remember: if you compete for the Original recipe, you can choose the round from 10am to 12pm or the round from 2pm to 4pm. Otherwise, for the Creative Recipe, choose the round from 12pm to 2pm or the round from 4pm to 6pm

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Useful information

  • The TWC19 Selections Treviso will be held in the city centre
  • The winners of the Selections will join the Semifinals that will be held in Treviso on 3rd November
  • If you want, you can compete in more than one Selection round. For example, you might decide to compete in Treviso, Udine and Brussels
  • If you bought an Early Bird ticket, now you can personalize your registration by choosing the date and the time (and so, the recipe) of your competition. In order to do this, please go to the payment process and add the discount code you have been sent via email. For further information write an email
  • The participation is not refundable
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