Outcastle Music & Arts #3

Turin -

Connexions and contaminations into an ancient fort.
12 hours of music, mixed arts, live performances, workshops and atmospheres, within the walls of an ancient Savoy fortress.
Arts: TBA
Workshops: TBA
• Info / PR: 342-0602941
• Ticket point Torino: Gravity Records, Via Tarino 7 (Vanchiglia)
Produced by Outcast Turin in collaboration with AK LAB for the courtesy of Fortress of Verrua and Fondazione Piazza Verrua Celeberrima Onlus.
Sponsored by Noizy Wood, Backyard Street Jewels, Light life.
Genres: House,Techno,Electro
Lines Up: Craig Richards,Binh,Francesco Del Garda,OTIS,Alex Dima,Munir Nadir,Kunda,Enrico Vivaldi,Martin Poné,FRANZOH
Atmospheres: Festival,Outdoor
Door Policies: Come as you are
Age Policies: +18

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