The Secrets of Rome’s Jewish Ghetto

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Book your tour of Rome's Jewish Ghetto and learn about the oppression and perseverance of the city's Jewish Community Your tour starts on Tiber Island looking into what is now considered one of the nicest neighborhoods in Rome. But back in 1555 it was little more than a malaria-filled marsh that was prone to flooding by the Tiber. This is when Rome’s Ghetto was first established. Your guide will tell you the story of how Rome’s Jewish community ended up in the Ghetto and describe the terrible living conditions they endured as we pass the monolithic ruins of the Portico d’Ottavia and enter narrow streets that were once both a prison and a vibrant community. He'll also tell you the heartbreaking story of mass deportations during the Second World War. Crossing the Piazza Mattei you'll also discuss the ways that the city’s Jews have influenced Roman society through food, commerce and customs. As you go, you’ll pass some of the city’s most beloved trattorie and bakeries, some of which will be pointed out by your guide if you want to come back later to grab a bite to eat. You'll also see homes where Romes Jews, many descended from generations that lived in the ghetto before them, repopulated the neighborhood after the war and hear stories of their perseverance in the face of extreme odds. Sites Visited: Basilica San Bartolomeo all'Isola (from the outside) Portico di Ottavia and Synagogue (from the outside) Jewish Ghetto Ponte Sisto

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