Exploring Rome’s Open-Air Masterpieces: Piazza Navona & the Pantheon

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Book your tour of Rome and visit the Pantheon with a guide to learn what makes it one of the most imitated buildings in history Your guide will show you around Central Rome in the same way you explore museums, focussing on two of the most impressive architectural treasures: the Piazza Navona to the Pantheon. You'll start in the Pantheon, the 1,900 year old Roman temple that is among the most revered structures on earth. This might just be everyone's favorite attraction in Rome and your guide is going to explain why as he takes you on a little stroll around its perimeter. If you want to go inside later, he'll also give you some tips on what to look out for. Then you'll wind your way through the cobbled streets of the Centro Storico until you emerge in front of Piazza Navona. Here, you’ll learn how the Piazza got its distinctive shape and hear stories about the artistic genius and political intrigues behind Bernini’s ‘Fountain of Four Rivers’. Sites Visited: Piazza Navona Square Church of Saint Agnes in Agony 4 Rivers Fountain Palazzo Pamphili San Luigi Dei Francesi Pantheon

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