Argimusco trekking at Montalbano Elicona

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Discover the beautiful landscapes and mysterious history of Argimusco, Sicily's Stonehenge Argimusco – the "Sicilian Stonehenge" – is the perfect destination for lovers of nature and trekking.
Located in the Natural Reserve of the Wood of Malabotta, this site is famous for the presence of large blocks of limestone sandstone with the most bizarre shapes and meanings: an eagle, a lion, a skull, a warrior, a praying goddess, a high priest, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic profiles, all shaped by nature. According to the most acclaimed theory, the stones represent an astronomical calendar. The presence of a rectangular basin on the top of the Goddess Orante, a small cave a few meters from the megalith of the Eagle and a rock that functions as a pluviometer in the center of the area, would suggest the presence of primitive settlements.
Departing from Messina, you'll cross the Tyrrhenian coast: while you admire the beauty of the Aeolian Islands and the small villages of the area.
In Montalbano, you'll stop for a short break in a local cheese factory where you'll have the chance to taste the famous “provola di Montalbano”. You'll then continue towards Argimusco, located at 6 km from the village: here, you'll start your trekking trip among the megaliths, admiring the beauty of your surroundings with Mt Etna always on the background. In the course of two hours, your guide will tell you stories about this unique and mysterious site and you'll learn how it was created. You'll then move on towards the castle of Montalbano for a short visit, after which you'll take part in a tasting of typical products and wine in a local restaurant. Your day trip will end in Messina where from a panoramic spot, you'll be able to admire the beauty of the city's monuments and landscapes.

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