Tasting of aged wines at the Leonardo Vineyard

Milan -

Visit the Atellani house and let yourself be guided by Pier Ottavio Daniele on a tasting to discover Malvasia and other wines from small and rare vineyards in the beautiful Sala del Bramante. The Leonardo Vineyard opens exclusively in the evenings for an illustrious wine experience.Thanks to the support of the wine expert and journalist Pier Ottavio Daniele, La Vigna has decided to combine the uniqueness of rare wines that come from small vineyards that have big stories to tell.Leonardo's Vineyard, the keeper of Leonardo's wine, has created a sensory journey linked to the culture of wine the itself.

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  • 23 May: Gamba di Pernice - Piemonte and Robiola di Roccaverano dop
  • 5 June: Magliocco canino – Calabria – Caciocavallo Silano dop
  • 26 June: Priè Blanc – valle d’Aosta – Lardo di Arnad dop or Jambon de Bosses dop
  • 4 July: Perricone – Sicily – Pecorino siciliano
  • 18 July: Cagnulari – Sardenia – Fiore Sardo dop
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