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Buy your tickets to "Trips to Ancient Rome" at the Forum of Augustus. Discover how people lived in the capital at the time of its great leaders! The biggest open air museum in the world comes back to life thanks to the shows "Trips to Ancient Rome - 2 stories, 2 paths". Admire the original splendor of the Forum of Caesar and Augustus and discover how people lived in the capital at the time of its greatest leaders.Piero Angela's voice will accompany you in this exciting blast from the past, with the help of movies and the latest technology. In addition to audio guides available in 8 languages (Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German and Chinese), you'll be able to listen to the music and the special effects bringing this tale to life. You'll discover what the temples, statues and buildings of the two Forums looked like.The Forum of Caesar show kicks off at the Colonna Traiana as a walking experience, while that of the Forum of Augustus is held on the via Alexandrina and is static with people sitting on the stands. Two paths through ancient Rome to live separately or together, either on the same evening or on two separate evenings.

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  • The ticket must be printed and presented at the entrance
  • In case of cancellation of the show for bad weather, the ticket will be refunded for the full price, excluding the pre-sale fee
  • The price breakdown is as follows: Standard price - Entrance 15€ + booking fee 1€ + agency commission 5€
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