Day Trip to Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius from Rome

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Discover the tragic history of the once prosperous Roman city of Pompeii and enjoy the beautiful scenery on top of Mount Vesuvius. Meet your driver in the heart of Rome and make yourself comfortable as you depart for the city of Pompeii.
Once in Pompeii, you'll meet your expert archaeologist guide and you'll be given a VR visor; you'll have the chance to look back in time to when Pompeii was a thriving Roman port and discover what the city looked like 2,000 years ago. Once you have seen virtual Pompeii as it was before Vesuvius exploded, you'll pack up the visors and tour the ruins on foot.You'll get experience moments of terror frozen in time: the postures of Pompeii's citizens and remains, unchanged from almost two millennia. Your expert archaeologist guide will walk you down the long and ancient streets, where you'll see perfectly conserved bakeries, shops, stalls, residences, public baths and brothels. You will see plaster casts of the unfortunate Pompeiians who were immortalized on that tragic day.Next up is lunch: after you taste a typical Neapolitan pizza you'll head to Mt. Vesuvius. Your driver will accompany you as far as vehicles are allowed.At this point you can take the leisurely hike for about 20 minutes, enjoying stunning views of the Bay of Naples from nearly 1,300 meters above sea level. Your reward at the top? You'll get to look directly inside the crater of this sleeping giant that brought instant devastation to Pompeii. Lucky for us, today the only signs of life from the crater are a bit of steam and a slight sulphuric odor.As your afternoon comes to an end, you'll join your driver once again for the return journey to Rome.

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