La Serpe d’Oro. Traditional Tuscan Music

Siena -

On 20 August, the Serpe d'Oro brings music and entertainment in concert; they'll make you laugh and dream. An exciting, ironic, contagious and super funny repertoire provided by one of the most unique folk bands of the Tuscan music scene in recent years. In the recording studio as well as during live performances, La Serpe d'Oro is able to merge music and entertainment, cultural inspiration and irresistible laughter; a rediscovery of a tradition wisely adapted through the use of old and new musical instruments.
A concert at which to laugh and dream. After all, Curzio Malaparte said: "the Tuscans have the sky in their eyes and hell in their mouths".
Francesco Amadio – mandolin, violin, vocals; Jacopo Crezzini – double bass, vocals; Pamela Larese – accordion, vocals; Igor Vazzaz – vocals, guitar, hurdy-gurdy.

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