Hostaria Verona 2019

Verona -

Do not miss Hostaria 2019, one of the main the food and wine festivals in Verona: taste 10 different wines (or more) and save on the cost of admission tickets! Participating in the Festival, you enter a single large "hostaria" that winds for about 3 kilometres of route, squares, streets and bridges of extraordinary beauty, with the Veronese cellars that offer tastings of fine wines from the areas of production of Valpolicella, Bardolino, Lugana, Soave, Custoza, dell'Arcole Doc and Durello, for a total proposal of over 150 wines. In addition, the Arsenal's gardens will be dedicated to the extra-veronese wine excellences that will give life to "Hostaria Italia" with wineries and flavours from the Italian regions.Gastronomic specialities accompany the wine tastings: you'll find them on the stands of the "sbecolerie", scattered almost everywhere along the way, which offer the excellence of the Veronese tradition. Piazza dei Signori will be the seat of "ciacole in piasa", or public lectures.In the evocative pedestrian area of the Parco Cesare Lombroso, on the lungadige that flanks the church of San Giorgio, this year you can find the section dedicated to carefully selected craft breweries and to the "Osteria of Hostaria".The ticket, if purchased in advance, is offered at a discounted price (€15 plus pre-sale rights, instead of €20) and includes 10 tasting tokens + a complimentary free glass in tritan and a complimentary pocket for the glass. It will also be possible to buy other advantageous packages including transport and/or the new funicular of Castel San Pietro with a panoramic toast!Entrance to "Hostaria" 2019:Piazza Sacco e Vanzetti (cash desk 1); Piazza Bra (cash desk2); Porta Borsari (cash desk 3) Piazza dei Signori (cash desk 4); Piazzetta Bra Molinari (cash desk 5)

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