Genau 5th Anniversary W- Rebekah (soma – Mord – Uk) At Q35

Turin -

Saturday 22 June 2019
GENAU 5th Anniversary
REBEKAH (Soma - Mord / UK)
Entry into the NOMINAL list: € 7 within 0.00 - € 10 by 1.00 - € 15 later (€ 20 full price not in the list)
Online REDUCTION lists (choose the reference PR) ---> soon
Info and lists by contacting the PR or: 392-8039321 - / The flyer signed by the PR is a reduced entry
EARLY BIRD ticket for 7 € + d.p. in limited quantities until 12 April (priority entry, valid all night)
Q35 - Via Quittengo 35 - Turin
Genres: Techno
Lines Up: Rebekah,Gandalf
Atmospheres: Underground,Alternative
Door Policies: Come as you are
Age Policies: +18

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