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From 13 March to 14 July, 2019 the MEF of Turin hosts the retrospective "Ettore Fico. Opere di grande formato," a tribute to the artist and his lively artistic and existential journey with an exhibition of hundreds of works in oils and tempera. With the exhibition “Ettore Fico. Opere di grande formato" (Ettore Fico. Large format works), the MEF, more than four years after its opening, dedicates a permanent space to its namesake master in its first floor rooms. The project is to create a space dedicated to the artist with works exhibited in rotation in order to show the public his vast collection of works.The museum came to life thanks to the great foresight and determination of the artist's wife, Ines Sacco Fico, who passed away last year. With the creation, fifteen years ago, of the homonymous foundation and then, in 2014, of the museum, Ines wanted leave the city an indelible mark made by the artist's work.A hundred works will be exhibited, including oils and tempera, created from the 1930 - 2004, the year of his death. The most significant production of Ettore Fico is held in this collection. The exhibition is a tribute to the artist and his lively artistic and existential journey: the fifties and sixties in Italy, nature, Liguria and the French Riviera, the countryside of Castiglione Torinese, a much-loved refuge and protagonist in many of his works. An art that has its roots in a dimension linked to the extraordinary experiences of international painting and to an interpretation of objects and landscapes permeated by a sense of poetry. In many of his works you can feel the collected and mysterious charm of his garden in Castiglione, a meeting place but also a refuge and a magical place of silence, a point of reference and story of the succession of the seasons with its lights and colors.Present in important exhibitions since the First World War onwards, he has participated in numerous exhibition events such as the Turin Quadrennial and the 7th National Art Quadrennial in Rome in 1955. The exhibition presents the most unusual and researched aspects of the artistic path of Ettore Fico, from abstract experiences to more geometric ones, from the impressions delineated by the subtle touches of pure color to the material and informal brushstrokes.

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