Hop On Hop Off 24-hour bus pass with Colosseum and Roman Forum visit

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Hop on hop off at your own pace as you take in Rome's beautiful art, architecture and attractions with a full 24-hour bus pass Our pink buses are on the move all day long and will take you to the city’s most important monuments and cultural venues while you are comfortably seated. Hop on and off at your convenience and reward yourself with a marvellous view of Rome you will never forget. Our extensive hop-on hop-off Panoramic route (pink double-decker buses) includes nine stops and must-see attractions all around Rome. The tour is tape-recorded and individual earphones available. On board, you'll find a very informative audio-guide which will illustrate you the unique history behind Rome’s visual splendour and provide plenty of interesting details to enrich your experience.During one of you stops you'll have the chance to visit the Colosseum & Archaeological Area, skipping the long lines at the entrance. Take an informative tour led by expert professional guides and get ready to enter into the legend! Access the Palatine Hill with no line and discover the hill where Rome was founded. Then reach the Colosseum and explore the symbol of Rome in the world: the Amphitheater created to entertain ancient Roman citizens with bloody shows of gladiators, animals and cruel games, is now one of the most fascinating landmarks of the City. Then, walk on the original path of ancient Rome along the Via Sacra and see the Temples of Vesta, Antonino and Faustina, the ancient Basilica Julia and Aemilia and dream about the glorious past of the Roman Empire.

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Hop on hop off at your own pace as you take in Rome's beautiful art, architecture and attractions with a full 24-hour bus pass, Learn the stories behind the grand monuments of Rome on a leisurely walking tour, Discover the relics of the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill


Tickets to the Colosseum and the archaeological area, Professional guided walking tour, 24-hour bus pass, Multilingual audio headset, Hop-on hop-off map of Rome showing the Panoramic route, Wi-Fi

Not Included

Pick-up and drop-off, Food and beverages

Useful information

  • Due to shorter daylight, from the 28th of October, the visit to the Palatine Hill will be replaced with an external explanation from the Capitoline Hill
  • Due to heightened security measures, you may experience delays in clearing security checks when entering the venue.
  • The archaeological area involves walking on medium-hard floors, please wear comfortable shoes and be ready for rain or shine.
  • The areas are not wheelchair accessible and not suitable for individuals who have difficulty walking.
  • The tour ends near the Colosseum.
  • For security reasons the site’s staff has the right to refuse entrance of Visitors without a valid Passport or ID: please carry a valid document to avoid any inconveniences.
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