Magazzini Generali Presenta Black Coffee Milano

Milan -

Friday, February 22nd | Milan Fashion week 2019
Black Coffee
Considering his rise to success, it would be easy to stereotype Black Coffee. But as demonstrated in his South African Music Award winning Home Brewed album, this DJ and producer challenges conventions. Climbing the African-American clichés and the excesses of the stage in favor of a sophisticated sobriety, the inclination of Black Coffee aims at the growth of a real African house scene: fresh and focused on the future.
Reserved, inventive, imaginative, silent, enigmatic, shy and daring are a part of the ways in which many people in the whole world perceive Black Coffee. Regardless of how it is seen, it remains one of the few DJs that really understands this function, it does not simply mix the songs, but reinterprets them by adapting silently and creating new bombs for the dancefloor.
Genres: Techno,Tech house,House
Lines Up: Black Coffee,Volantis
Atmospheres: Underground,International
Door Policies: Casual dress code
Age Policies: +18

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