2-Hour Gladiator School Experience

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Take this 2-hour course at a gladiator school near Villa Adriana and learn how to fight like Roman. The Gladiators' School Munera Gladiatoria offers courses of ars gladiatoria nearby the beautiful Villa Adriana.
The first half-hour of the course will be spent in the school's museum where the students will learn about the weapons used in Roman times, try on the weapons and clothing, and take pictures. Then gladiators – in complete safety and in compliance with the age of students –will teach them how to fight with many different kinds of instruments, from wood swords to heavy weapons such as the gladius. Once the training is complete, the new gladiators will receive a Signaculum, a leather medal on which the name of the new gladiator will be engraved

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Train to fight like a gladiator near Villa Adriana, Learn the skills of sword fighting, Learn about the weapons used in Roman times


2-hour gladiator course, Gladiator diploma with a new Roman name, Water and snacks

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All the courses are organised and set in complete safety and in compliance with the age of students

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