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Learn more about Gin, taste the best Italian gin labels with an expert and customize a bottle that you'll bring at home with you! Esperienza Gin® is a 1h30 workshop run by a leading expert of mixology and Gin, Fulvio Piccinino.Sandal wood, mace, ireos, rose mosqueta a unique and spiced worldwide journey: from Egyptians to Middle Age, passing through Renaissance with the first juniper spirit until Rosolio of Turin.
You will have the chance to smell, touch and taste some of the spices that make a Gin.
During the storytelling you will taste three different kinds of Gin: you can draw inspiration from them!
Each participant will choose the favorite ingredients to create their own recipe. A post set up with herbs and spices, professional dyes, pure juniper distillate, droppers, funnels. At the end of the activity, each participant will take home his own bottle of Gin with a personalized label. The laboratory concludes with the guided preparation of a Gin Tonic!

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Learn from a pro all the secrets about Gin, A journey around the world through unknown spices and unconventional aromas, Taste the best Italian Gin, create a customized Gin and bring it at home at the end of the class!


Gin tasting, Gin laboratory

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