FICO Eataly World Grand Tour

Bologna -

Take part in the FICO Eataly World Grand Tour in Bologna and discover the world's largest agri-food park: let yourself be guided by the Biodiversity Ambassadors! Come discover the essence of FICO thanks to a journey that will let you explore every corner of the Park, among all the Italian beauties: fields, factories, restaurants, markets and shops!Let yourself be guided by the Biodiversity Ambassadors, qualified professional staff who will act as "narrators" of the park, giving you the opportunity to live an exciting, engaging, content-rich experience. The journey starts from our land, in 20.000 square meters of outdoor areas, where you can discover the main Italian "cultivar" and the most representative animal breeds of our territory. The Biodiversity Ambassadors will take you to the heart of FICO, the 40 farming factories where you can see our masters at work and learn all the secrets of Italian tradition.From doing to tasting, they will accompany you along the FICO Ristoro, to immerse yourself in the world's most extensive dining choices: Italian cuisine, from its origins to the latest culinary experiments. And to bring home a little Made in Italy style, do not miss the final walk between the market and the shops, with 9.000 square meters available to learn how to manage your daily shopping.

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Take part in the FICO Eataly World Grand Tour, Discover the world's largest agri-food park, Let yourself be guided by the Biodiversity Ambassadors


FICO Eataly World Guided Tour

Useful information

  • To collect your ticket, you will need to provide an identity document and the Musement voucher purchased at the welcome point near the FICO Eataly World entrance
  • The Park's entrance is a 20-minute bus ride from the station, about 50 minutes from G. Marconi airport in Bologna with the BLQ and FICObus shuttles and 20 minutes from the center of Bologna.
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