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Book your ticket for the 6 FICO Eataly World multimedia carousels in Bologna, home of the world's largest agri-food park! Do you want to know how we discovered fire? Are you curious to understand the switch from a nomadic to a settled way of life? The relationship between man and nature is an ancient history that still fascinates us.FICO Eataly World - the world's largest agri-food park - offers you 6 exciting, thrilling and interactive multimedia carousels, an exclusive journey where you can discover the origins of mankind in an innovative and technological way, thanks to powerful and evocative language, animated paths and interactive tables.The thematic itineraries will tell you in an unusual and fascinating way about the crucial steps that led to the relationship between man and the environment:
- Man and fire
- Man and earth
- Man: from soil to bottle
- Man and sea
- Man and animals
- Man and the future
Come discover our millennial history with a fun journey through time!

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Enjoy the 6 FICO Eataly World multimedia attractions, Be amazed and captivated by an interactive journey through our history, Discover the origins of mankind in a suggestive and technological way


Tickets for 6 multimedia attractions at FICO Eataly World

Useful information

  • To collect the tickets giving you access to the carousels, you will need to provide proof of identity (such as a document) and the Musement voucher you received after purchasing at the welcome point near the FICO Eataly World entrance.
  • The Park entrance is a 20-minute bus ride from the station, about 50 minutes from G. Marconi airport in Bologna with the BLQ and FICObus shuttles and 20 minutes from the centre of Bologna.
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