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Immerse yourself in virtual reality with Virtual Reality Gate for a full and unique gaming experience! VR2 is a room designed for virtual reality gaming. It is available by reservation only, and it is not open to the public. Book the hours of play you would like and choose on the calendar the date you want to use them.On the scheduled day for your play, you will find the equipped room and an experienced staff ready to welcome you and assist you in your experience.Book your session! Choose the duration of the session you want and when to use the game session. Go to the VR2 headquarters for your appointment, the VR2 staff is waiting for you!You can play many Free-To-Play titles with a Steam and VivePort account. If you wish to play any particular game, which is not F2P (such as Beat Saber, Fruit Ninja, etc.) you will need to log in with your account and purchase the game (if you do not already have it). Download will happen immediately to allow you to play right away (provided enough time remains in your game session).

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Immerse yourself in virtual reality for an intense gaming session, Choose your experience with five different options available, A unique activity to do by yourself or with friends


Everything necessary for the gaming experience

Not Included

Snacks and drinks (can be brought from home)

Useful information

  • Minimum 1 person, maximum 5 people (2 people for the 30-minute option)
  • The price is dependent on the room rental - it does not depend in any way on the number of participants in the game
  • Remember to bring your ID and the booking email with you (no need to print)
  • We recommend comfortable/sporty clothing; with some titles the experience can include a lot of action!
  • For each session in VR2 you will be provided with a free mask for the viewer and a pair of silicone plugs for the earphones, as well as a small bottle of water. You can bring drinks, snacks and whatever you like with you.
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