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The Museo Teatrale alla Scala is found inside the famous La Scala Theater in the heart of Milan. Here you will find precious sketches, scores, volumes and portraits of famous composers from Verdi to Beethoven! La Scala Theater Museum is located inside the famous Teatro alla Scala, in the vibrant heart of Milan.Founded in 1911, this museum contains more than 200 years of history related to music and theater: dancers, conductors, actors, composers, and much more! The museum preserves a rich collection of musical instruments, letters and scenographic sketches so that its visitors are able to experience and relive these theatrical moments and the elaborate efforts of the theater participants - both on stage and behind the scenes.Don't forget that in addition to the library, there is a Museum archive containing theatrical posters, autographed letters, musical manuscripts (including Verdi's Messa da Requiem and Rossini's Tancredi), and more than 300 scattered sheet of music including those of Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti, Beethoven, and Rossini.

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Visit the La Scala Theater Museum in Milan, Relive 200 monumental years of theater history, Admire a rich collection of musical instruments, letters and scenographic sketches


Entrance ticket to the Museo Teatrale alla Scala (La Scala Theater Museum)

Useful information

  • Entrance to the Museum allows visitors to view the theater and the stages in the case that there are no rehearsals or shows in session
  • No large backpacks or bags are allowed in the museum - they must be stored in the lockers at the entrance
  • The Museum closes at 5.30pm, so for any visitors with tours scheduled at 4.45pm, it is advisable to stop by the Museum before your tour

Prices are as follows:

  • Full price: € 10 + € 1.50 presale + € 1.50 commission
  • Reduced: € 7 + € 1.50 presale + € 1.50 commission


  • The strictest silence must be maintained when visiting the stages and in the theater
  • In the theater boxes it is forbidden to photograph or film, except when the signs indicate otherwise


  • Visitors cannot take any action that could cause damage or disturb other visitors
  • Photographs may only be taken for private use
  • Use of flash is prohibited
  • The following actions are not allowed: smoking, consuming food and drink, running in the museum or theater, touching objects and paintings, leaving personal objects unattended, moving chairs or furniture of any kind
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