Tickets for the “Barry X Ball. The end of history” exhibition at Villa and Panza Collection

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Buy your tickets to 'The End of History' exhibition, the first - and incredible - retrospective by Barry X Ball, at FAI Villa e Collezione Panza in Varese. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Milan Sforza Castle, will be held from 12 April to 9 December, 2018. Villa and Panza Collection, in collaboration with Milan Sforza Castle, is proud to present (on the occasion of MiArt - International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair) 'The End of History,' a retrospective by Barry X Ball, a Californian sculptor born in 1955 who, abandoning his minimalist beginnings, has now reached an experimental period, characterized by a constant tension between tradition and innovation, high technology and history, simplicity and charm.The exhibition - curated by Anna Bernardini, the Director of Villa e Collezione Panza, and Laura Mattioli, art historian, collector and founder of the Center for Italian Modern Art in New York - presents 56 works spanning from the 1980s to the present day, in an journey that starts with the artist's first works in gold - small, precious, shining objects recalling religious icons and altarpieces - and concludes with the recent charismatic Portraits and Masterpieces section, winding its way through the Villa's first floor all the way to the new Rimesse per le Carrozze area.Simultaneously, the exhibition will make two forays into Sforza Castle: a-never-before-seen Pietà (2018) in homage to the famous Pietà Rondanini, displayed for this occasion in the Scarlioni Room of the Ancient Art Museum in Milan, establishing an ideal connection with Michelangelo's original work; and, in the same room, the powerful Pseudogroup of Giuseppe Panza (1998 -2001), intended as a tribute by the Milan City Hall and Barry X Ball to Giuseppe Panza, a pioneering collector who studied in this very city and lived for many years in a cultural milieu which became the starting point for both his research and his adventures. In order to admire the works on display at Sforza Castle's Ancient Art Museum, you must first purchase a ticket to the Castle Museums.

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Visit the exhibition "The end of history," the first retrospective by Barry X Ball, at Villa and Panza Collection in Varese, The exhibition, born out of a collaboration with the Sforzesco Castle in Milan, presents 56 works from the 80s to today, Don't miss the contemporary art collection famous throughout the world, created by Giuseppe Panza in the 1950s, Discover the works of Land Art in the 33,000 square meter park


Admission to the exhibition 'The End of History', Admission to Villa Panza and its collection, Admission to James Turrell's 'Ganzfeld', Admission to the park

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Tour of the works displayed at Sforza Castle in Milan

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  • The ticket can be used during the opening days until 10 February 2019. Tickets used after the expiry date can not be refunded
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