Tasting of organic Zoff Farm cheeses in Friuli

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Visit the Zoff Farm to discover Friulian cheeses including ricotta, mozzarella, Fossa cheese and more. Enjoy a cheese tasting with local wine pairing. The Zoff Farm was born from the Zoff Family's love of nature and animals. Since 2016, the business has chosen to obtain the BIOLOGICA (Organic) certification for the entire farm, from the cultivation of the fodder for their animals to the raising of the cattle and the cheeses produced from their milk. Their cheeses are the first certified organic cheeses from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of the country. In the now restructured old barn, you will find five rooms with breakfast included for those who enjoy a rustic, relaxing and flavorful vacation. Today, their cheeses are produced exclusively from their own animals; the fresh milk is processed at a low temperature so as not to alter its particular characteristics. The salt used to flavor the cheese is a pure Slow Food ORO di SICILIA salt. The farm specializes in various cheeses traditional to the region including diversely flavored caciotte cheeses such as rose petal, elderflower, peppermint, marigold, sage, nettle, rosemary, thyme and basil. In addition, they are known for their famous Fossa cheese - in season from August to November - natural yogurt, mouthwatering ricotta and sensational mozzarella. The experience and offerYou will be welcomed in the small cheese-making facility situated behind the shop. Here, you will be given a history and description of the family farm and its cheese production. You will discover how the fresh milk is turned into wonderful organic cheese. Then, you will visit the aging room and afterwards the barn where the cows live freely. There, you will see how the animals are raised and fed using the best locally grown grass. The tour will continue with a walk through the pastures (weather permitting) to see and understand why cows need space, sun and green grass to thrive. The tasting will take place outside, if the weather allows, or, otherwise, inside of the farmhouse.The tasting includes organic Zoff Farm cheeses and local wine along with water and crackers. The cheeses include: ricotta, mozzarella, 60 day aged Latteria cheese, flavored caciotta (two different types), Fossa cheese and natural whole yogurt.

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Discover the best cheeses of Friuli, Visit a picturesque family farm, Enjoy a cheese tasting with local wine


Farm visit, Local cheese tasting, Wine pairing

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