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Buy your tickets for the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and discover the most famous amphitheater at your own pace with your audiovideoguide. Discover the most famous amphitheater in the world and relive the glorious past of Ancient Rome with a visit to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The charm of the Eternal City is timeless, be sure to get your tickets in advance.Buy tickets for the three sites directly online, and on the day of your audiovideoguided tour, show your ticket at the Arco di Tito ticket desk (reservation line), where you will be assigned a time slot to access the Colosseum. Once you've passed security checks, you can pick up your audio-video guide directly inside.Experience the magnificent history of the Colosseum with an interactive audio-visual tour on an electronic stand, told in your preferred language and with image support. Feel part of the great story with audio narratives, 3-D reconstructions, images and videos.Before you end your audiovideoguided tour, you will have free time to take all the photos you want. You can choose to continue your visit to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill on the same day, or decide to visit them the next day.

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Show your digital voucher at the ticket office to receive your tickets for the three sites + the Colosseum audiovideoguide, Book the next available time slot to access the Colosseum at the ticket office, at no additional cost, Two-day ticket to visit also the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Waiting times at the mandatory security checkpoints at the Colosseum can increase during peak hours


One entry to the Colosseum and one entry to the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill, Ticket is valid for two consecutive days from the date of ticket issue, Audiovideoguide for the Colosseum only, Downloadable map of Rome

Useful information

  • It will be possible to visit the Colosseum only in the afternoon starting from 14.00
  • Entrance to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is free on the first Sunday of each month.
  • Due to security measures, the capacity of the Colosseum is limited to 3,000 people at the same time. This limit may result in delays at security checkpoints to access the site, even for pre-booked visitors. As a result, the visitor’s access to the Colosseum may not be guaranteed at the scheduled time of entrance.
  • Please note: waiting times at the mandatory metal detector security checkpoints at the Colosseum can increase during peak hours. Once you pass these checkpoints, you can enter the Colosseum using the Fast Track lane.
  • You can use the audiovideoguide on the same day that you exchange your voucher (feel free to enter the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill on the same day or the day after).
  • You can pick up your audiovideoguide up to 90 minutes before the ticket office closes (no refunds for late arrivals).
  • Audiovideoguide available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Latin and Portuguese.
  • The entrance to the Colosseum does not include access to the Underground and the Third Order.
  • The service is authorized and granted by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.
  • Large bags/backpacks/suitcases are not permitted inside the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Only very small bags are allowed. There are no cloakrooms for storing these items.
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