Merenda Reale® 1700 at Caffetteria Reale in Turin

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Take part in Merenda Reale® and turn snack time into a little journey through time: enjoy a hot chocolate and traditional sweets at Caffetteria Reale in Turin! Enjoy a hot chocolate and traditional cookie tasting experience at Caffetteria Reale in Turin, in a setting that evokes the authentic atmosphere of an 18th-century salon!Merenda Reale® is a truly delicious ritual, born in 18th-century Turin in the courts of Savoy. Snacktime in the 18th century was a royal pleasure, an elegant ritual of court life: from 2pm to 10pm, aristocrats with a sophisticated palate would sip hot chocolate from their cups while eating traditional biscuits and refined confectionery specialties invented by the chefs of the Palace. Such cookies included torcetti, confortini, canestrelli and savoiardi - Italy's oldest cookies! - as well as pazientini, amaretti, anisini, meringues, and baci di dama. And to conclude, a taste of almond nougat and a crispy diablottino, the forebear of all chocolates.The menu includes two consecutive courses:
- Hot chocolate prepared in a traditional way, according to the original 18th-century recipe, accompanied with 8 'bagnati' (biscuits to dip), one per type to be chosen from: Savoy pastries, canestrelli, torcetti, amaretti, pazientino, confortino, cocoa eporediesi, anisini, fan-shaped puff pastry, meringhetta, baci di dama, and novaresi.
- A small plate of nougats and diablottini.Take part in Merenda Reale® and turn snacktime into a journey through time!

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Take part in the Merenda Reale® experience, a delicious journey into the past, Enjoy a steaming hot chocolate served with irresistible 'bagnati' and other chocolate specialties, Experience the magical location of Caffetteria Reale di Torino and Antica Pasticceria Gerla


Steaming hot chocolate made with dark cocoa and water, without milk, served together with the irresistible 'Bagnati' (biscuits to dip) and other chocolate specialties, Nougats and diablottini

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Admission ticket to the Royal Residences, Anything not specified under the included section

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  • Closed on Mondays. If you're hungry for a snack on Monday, you can go to the Gerla café-pastry shop, 88 Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 10121 Turin, open from 9.00am to 8.00pm
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