Street-food tour of Palermo

Palermo -

A 3 hr guided walk around back streets and markets of the center of Palermo, giving travelers the chance to taste the best local street food and wine! This is the first street food tour ever launched in Sicily. A relaxing 3hr walk with a young licensed guide to enjoying the markets and monuments of Palermo city center and taste the best local street food. Streaty tour has been designed with the specific purpose of giving foodies and travelers the chance to live a 100% Sicilian Experience…a tasty one! The uniqueness of Palermitan street food doesn’t simply lie in its variety and rich flavors, but also in the ability that every dish has to tell a historical chapter of the Sicilian capital.Vendors have been carefully selected based on the quality of food and the authenticity of the location. Our summer tour goes through that tricky part of the city center where travelers need the help of a local expert to enjoy and understand better the Palermitan culture. Capo market gets a different dress if you see it with the eyes of a local. Vucciria market might simply look the ruin of an old elegant city center…unless you experience it with a real local. This is also the ideal shore excursion for cruisers spending few hours in town: We give cruisers the chance to maximize the time of the short stay and catch the real soul of Palermo in few steps and few bites. Summertime mode also means Cannoli off, Ice cream on. Even though most of the tour companies offer tourists cannoli dessert all year round because this is what tourists want, Streaty doesn’t. You must know that cannoli is a winter dessert and that locals in summertime prefer a fresh "Broscia" col gelato (ice cream sandwich), this is the last sweet treat of our summer tour. All foodies joining this tour will be granted their personal Food Passport!

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Discover the city markets with a real local, Taste authentic street food away from tourist traps, Get your personal food passport, Learn about local culture and get the best tips to avoid tourist traps


5 street food samples: street food is about snacks (mainly fried). Some local recipe contain offal., 1 glass of wine and dessert

Not Included

Water, Pick up service

Useful information

  • Minimum number of participants: 2
  • Maximum number of participants: 12

Food and drinks

  • Sicilian street food is about snacks (no fancy pastas)
  • Some specialty also contains calf entrails (no alternatives are provided)
  • Street food is strictly eaten by hands (*napkins are provided)
  • Street food is cooked and served in modest places where toilets do not smell of roses
  • Even though Sicily is an Island, the only fish you can occasionally find in traditional street food are anchovies
  • Gluten free and dairy free options are not available
  • Not all specialties listed in the Foodie’s passport are available on a daily basis. The foodie’s passport must be considered merely as a souvenir.
  • All food and drinks offered by the Streaty guides are included in the price. Extras or seconds are on participants’ expense
  • Water is not included. However, travelers have many chances to buy it along the way
  • The above-listed points may not be applicable to private tours

Waiting Policy, Accessibility and other important info

  • We have a 10 min waiting for policy. If you miss the meeting with your tour guide, please be aware that we do not guarantee another chance to join the group
  • We don’t have any cancelation policy. However, We greatly appreciate being informed as soon as your plans changed
  • There are very few chances to sit along the walk
  • The winter tour is not recommended to travelers with limited walking capacity.
  • A standard group tour is not accessible to wheelchairs.
  • Dogs are not admitted in group tours. See private tours
  • Average winter temperature: 30 C° / 84 F°
  • We recommend wearing comfy shoes all year round
  • Smoking: please avoid smoking during sampling stops
  • The above-listed points may not be applicable to private tours
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