Guided bike tour trough Otranto

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Discover Otranto and its beauties cycling through the streets which hide many treasures and take advantage of a special lunch prepared for you! We'll go up the Idro valley along a pleasant dirt patch and we'll see St. Mauro Crypt, which was carved into the soft rock of Salento at the Byzantine time. We'll move on to Casamassella and stop at the Constantine Foundation, a center dedicated to organic farming and traditional weaving with old looms.Then we'll reach Giurdignano, the main megalithic center of Salento due to the many dolmens and menhirs, the first evidence of human presence in the area.The next stop will be Giuggianello, where we will visit the beautiful botanic garden "La Cutura", featuring hundreds of Mediterranean, tropical and subtropical plants species, and a unique collection of succulent plants in Europe.Stop by a bakery with a stone oven for a delicious lunch arranged by the organization. After lunch, we'll cycle to Porto Badisco for a long break, and weather permitting, a swim. It is also possible to rent canoes. We'll then move on along the magnificent coast road to Otranto. We will stop at the fortified farmhouse of Cippano, look at Punta Palascìa lighthouse, the easternmost point of Italy, and a peculiar lake in a disused bauxite quarry.Return to Otranto in the late afternoon.

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Discover Otranto from the past to the present days, Experience the atmosphere as you ride your bicycle through the area, Take a stroll through the streets and become part of the city


Bikes and helmets are provided

Useful information

  • Distance: about 35 km
  • Difficulty: medium
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