Blindfolded Wine Tasting

Verona -

Make the most of your senses to recognize and savor these delicacies of the Veneto region as best as possible thanks to this blindfolded tasting! A blindfolded tasting to test your senses, your skills and knowledge in the oenological field.
You will have the opportunity to taste blindfolded 4 wines of the same type but of different wineries, immersing yourself in an engaging blend of flavors and taste sensations such as to stimulate your recognition capabilities.
With the help of an expert, we will try to discover together their aromas and the provenance of the wine, compiling a sensorial card for each tasting. The blind tasting consists in analyzing the wine without being able to have information on the producer, the type of wine, its origins and the oenological techniques since it is served in bottles to which the labels have been covered.
This type of tasting is made among other things to give an opportunity to the tasters to maximize their potential. It is in fact scientifically proven that in the case in which one tastes a known wine a part of the brain remains "dormant" in the sense that it does not put in place all its capabilities relying on already known impressions.
It must be said that in order to make more accurate the result and to accommodate the tasting purposes during the blind tasting can be given some preventive communications regarding some fundamental elements to make wine analysis.

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A blindfolded tasting to test your senses, your skills, and knowledge in the oenological field, Enjoy the most traditional flavors of the Valpolicella, A suggestive location, next to the famous Arena


4 tastings of the same type of wine but from four different manufacturers., Blind tasting kit for the test, Final tasting test, Bread, bread sticks and mini cutting board with fresh cuts and sliced cheese, Mineral or sparkling water

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Extra food and drinks, Tips (optional)

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