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Indulge in the creamy pleasure of cheese! You will listen to the philosophy of production, learning the traditions and knowing the PDO cheeses Ready for a gourmet cheese tasting in the suggestive Veronese area? Indulge in the creamy pleasure of cheese!
You will listen to the philosophy of production, learning the traditions and knowing the excellent cheeses that boast the DOP brand. For the tasting will be involved not only the sense of taste but also the other four senses, to fully enjoy the organoleptic characteristics, aromas and sensations that gives us the cheese.
The sensorial analysis of the cheese starts from the view, looking at the piece we will taste, then touch, touching it, and smell, very important because from this step we understand if the cheese could be to our liking, thanks to its aroma that develops once tasted the piece; finally, it ends with the taste savoring it and knowing its true flavor.
The experience will then end with the tasting of the cheeses presented, accompanied by the precious red Valpolicella wine with various combinations including honey and seasonal fruit. A work of art which will be juxtaposed with carefully chosen ingredients: fruit, vegetables, jams, honey and bread; a real composition full of taste.SENSORY ANALYSISThe sensory analysis of the cheese is very similar to that of many other foods: it assesses its visual, tactile, olfactory and taste-olfactory characteristics and the examination of the structure in the mouth.OLFACTORY ANALYSISThe fragrances that a food can offer us are many, and indeed the olfactory analysis is the most complex of sensorial analyzes.
The most difficult thing is to identify, giving it a name and then making a direct comparison, a particular smell that we distinctly perceive.The main families of the smells referred to the cheese are:
- latex smells (fresh milk, sour milk, boiled milk, yogurt, butter, cream, etc.);
- vegetable odors (grass, moss, hay, etc.)
- spicy smells (pepper, nutmeg, saffron, cloves, etc.);
- floral odors;
- smells of toasted (chocolate, caramel, vanilla, burnt, smoked, etc.);
- animal odors (stall, leather, animal hair, etc.)
TASTE-OLFACTORY EXAMAs a taste, we can only recognize sweet, salty, spicy, acid, bitter and astringent.
The aromas, or the olfactory sensations that return through the retronasal route, will be similar to the perfumes perceived with the sense of smell but modified, made more complex.
The taste-olfactory persistence is the duration of the flavor, which can vary from a few seconds to over 30 seconds.
Finally, the consistency in the mouth can be evaluated, which can be hard, elastic, deformable, fine, granular, rubbery, etc.

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Dedicate yourself completely to a sensory experience, surrounded by the scent of excellent fresh fruit, honey and sweet jams, The cheese platter is perhaps the maximum dairy art expression, a wooden disc on which will be supported with skill and wisdom a series of cheeses in an increasing of fragrances, aromas and flavors that fill the palate


5 cheese tasting, 3 pairings tasting with fruits, canned food, honey, mustards and jams, Red Wine from Valpolicella, Still or sparkling water, Bread, Breadsticks

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