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Book a guided tour of Saluzzo at night and discover this unique medieval town in the enchanting night atmosphere! Explore the fascinating village of Saluzzo after sunset with an expert guide and a small group. The unique atmosphere of this medieval town is even more enchanting when night comes. Follow your guide and listen to the rich history of this important medieval center. Saluzzo is a typically fourteenth-century village: small cobbled streets, churches and elegant noble palaces with gardens populate the historic center. The city has existed since Roman times. Ruled by fourteen marquises, the Marquisate of Saluzzo reached its maximum splendor in the fifteenth century, under the governments of Ludovico I and Ludovico II. In 1511 it became a sort of small capital of the territory. After a brief period of decline, the city was later annexed to the Duchy of Savoy (1601) and then to the French kingdom during the Napoleonic period. With the constitution of the Kingdom of Italy, it was named the chief town of the district and the seat of the sub-prefecture. The city is "guarded" by the Stone King: the Monviso Mountain, the highest peak of the Cottian Alps.

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Explore the ancient Marquisate of Saluzzo at night with an expert guide, Walk through ancient cobbled streets and discover Saluzzo's beautiful architecture, Live the night atmosphere of a unique medieval town


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