Entrance tickets to the convent of Santa Maria Nuova and the Duomo di Monreale

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Visit now the Cathedral of Monreale and the Convent of Santa Maria Nuova by purchasing tickets online. Do not miss the shared experience on the terraces of the Cathedral from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the city! The cloister belonging to the Benedictine Abbey of S. Maria la Nuova, founded in 1174 at the behest of the Norman King Guglielmo II, serves as a pivot of the entire abbatial complex that is developed around it. Square-shaped, it is punctuated by ogival arches on coupled columns, tetrastyle at the four corners, decorated with mosaics, in "chevron" or with late-classical phytomorphic motifs
Similarly, rich and varied is the decoration of the capitals where we find themes related to religious iconography, Old and New Testament, animals drawn from the medieval bestiary and the Middle Eastern tradition with phytomorphic motifs.
For the first time, a unique guided tour will lead the public to discover one of the most important monumental complexes of the Sicilian-Norman Middle Ages and will help understand the founding idea that moved King Guglielmo II, who strongly desired the construction not only of the Cathedral of Monreale, but of the entire abbatial complex. Thanks to the synergistic collaboration between the Cathedral Basilica of Monreale, the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage of the Sicilian Region, with the CoopCulture dealer, a visit itinerary has been built, which reconstructs the integrity, articulated in different sacred spaces and in the power of architectural jewel. The declared intent of the Norman king was to become the reference point of the ecclesiastical world on the territory; for this reason too, he granted the monastery to the Benedictines who came from Cava dei Tirreni. Archbishopric since its foundation, architecturally speaking, the Cathedral was completed with the construction of the extraordinary cloister, an elegant example of monastic architecture, a true hortus conclusus in which it is easy to imagine the monks walking, reading and praying. The tour will guide the spectators in the exploration of the Duomo; it will help read the Old and the New Testament on the mosaic; admire the Christ Pantocrator and will then move on to the Chapel of the Crucifix - better known as the Roan Chapel, named after its founder - which houses the Treasure of the Duomo; Then there will be the visit of the Diocesan Museum, and the chapter hall of San Placido which housed the assembly of the monk; to conclude, there will be a walk along the cloister's ambulatories. Do not miss the shared experience of the Duomo's terraces where you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the city

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With audioguide,Wheelchair accessible


Admire the rich and varied decorations of the capitals with themes related to religious iconography, Visit the splendid cloister of Santa Maria Nuova and the Duomo of Monreale, Discover one of the most important monumental buildings of the Sicilian-Norman Middle Ages


Admission ticket for the Complex of Monreale (Cathedral, Roano Chapel, the Cathedral's terraces and cloister), Audioguide for the visit to the cloister.

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Guided tour

Useful information

  • The site has wheelchair access which is limited to the area of the convent on the ground floor with entrance from the Villa Comunale
  • The ticket for the abbey complex of Monreale includes the Roano Chapel, the cathedral terraces, and the convent. Admission to the cathedral is free.
  • The audio guide for the cloister is only available in the following languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and German
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