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Don't miss the chance to discover Italian WWII history and remembrance for the dead on a tour focusing on the battles with the German troops between Anzio and Nettuno with your tickets booked through Musement. On your full-day tour discover this unique history walk following WWII soldiers' trails, focusing on the area around Rome, where the US and Allied Army undertook the Italian Campaign. This is an opportunity for travelers to retrace the steps of the valiant US troops, visiting these historical sites to take back to life the key moments of this huge event, which have braved the US Army capabilities on sea, land and air.Your tour will focus on the areas between Anzio and Nettuno, where on 3 September 1943 the Allies invaded the Italian mainland, as the Italians re-entered the war on the Allied side. This progress was initially swift, but later met stiff resistance resulting in a battle lasting to May. At the Anzio Beach Head Museum watch a short film about the Anzio beach landings and see the artifacts, photographs and uniforms worn during the war.Later visit the city of Nettuno and the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial. During your walk through the war time cemetery covering 77 acres, learn about the code named operation Shingle. Follow a wide central mall flanked by cyprus trees to view the memorial, rich in works of architecture, showing America's and Italy's remembrance of the dead.

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Discover a unique tour following WWII soldiers' trails surrounding Rome, Visit the historical sites in Anzio and Nettuno, Enjoy the south of Latium with delicious lunch near the sea


Private transportation, English speaking guide, Guided tour of visit of Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, Guided tour of Anzio Beach Head Museum, Lunch

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